Brain candy

(This page was designed for a “Web Wednesday” presentation on February 22, 2012, on “Brain candy: a few of my favorite things online”.)

TED talks – ideas worth spreading  (Terry Moore on the right way to tie your shoes)

Open Culture – the best free cultural & educational media on the web (Free film noir)

Internet Archive  (Grateful Dead collection, Adventures of Philip Marlowe)

Khan Academy (Salman Khan’s TED talk on the Khan Academy)

Bookfinder – compare prices on over 150 million books for sale

Mayo Clinic health information – diseases and conditions, symptoms, drugs and supplements, tests and procedures, healthy living

Letters of note – Correspondence deserving of a wider audience (Richard Feynman’s love letter to his wife)

The Smithsonian Collections (Encyclopedia of Life)

National Geographic (Photography galleries)

Wonderopolis – where the wonders of learning never cease (previous wonders)

Be the Match – National Bone Marrow Donor Program

Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Exposition Monet 2010

Code Academy – free and interactive way to learn to code

Idée Multicolr Search Lab – Search Creative Commons images by color


Architect of the Capitol – tour the Capitol and the botanic gardens

Historypin – you can also use this on your smartphone while you’re on the go!

CyArk – using 3D laser technology to create records of buildings and structures (Marble House) (Ben Kacyra’s TED talk)

Freezing Food – National Center for Home Food Preservation – like Facebook for academics, for sharing research

10 online DIY resources

Lifehacker’s App directory – the best apps for all your gear


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