[Library lessons] Do-it-yourself

We did a patron satisfaction survey last spring, and one of the questions was: “If you never (or occasionally) seek help from library staff, why not?”

Most of the answers were like this: “I haven’t needed help.”

But my favorite answer was this:

“To stubborn to ask for help and want to figure it out on my own.”

Me too!!!

This is the era of “do-it-yourself”.  We DIYers check out our own groceries.  We try on our own shoes.  (When was the last time you were in a shoe store where they had to bring out the shoes for you?  I actually find that annoying now.)

What I’ve been trying to highlight in this series of blog posts are a few tips and hints so you can do-it-yourself.

But here’s the thing.  Librarians get master’s degrees in library and information science.  We are the ninjas of information and the internet.  (You didn’t notice?  That’s because we are ninjas.)

We want you to do it yourself.  But if you are pressed for time – and we know you are – we can show you more efficient ways of getting the information you need.

We are all about the do-it-yourself ethos at the library.  We even have a self-checkout machine on the second floor, if you want to do that yourself, too.

But you should never hesitate to get some advice from us on the best ways to get the resources you need.

I like to think of it as ‘getting some advice’, rather then ‘asking for help’.  Even DIYers like getting advice.  That’s why we are here.


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