[Library lessons] Subject guides

If you are doing research at Salve, you are likely to find:

  • a catalog with over 4 million items, and an extended catalog (inRhode) with another 4+ million items
  • InterLibrary loan, which can get you access to another 1.5 billion items
  • over 60,000 full-text journals
  • over 50,000 ebooks
  • about 100 article databases (never mind the bazillions of articles themselves)
  • not to mention everything on GoogleScholar, GoogleBooks, Wikipedia, and other stuff floating around the Internet.

I know. I am getting overwhelmed just thinking about it.

That’s why we have subject guides.

On our library home page, you will find this image:

Go ahead!  Click on it!

We created subject guides as a way to point out the resources that will be most useful to you, based on the subject you’re researching.  So, for instance, instead of you wading through 100 databases to find the ones that will really work, we’ll show you the top few databases for researching in your subject.

Remember: we’re not here to shush people.   We’re here to help you with your research, including finding the most efficient ways of doing your research.  So don’t spend your precious time drowning in the sea of information.  Let us help you.  If you’re in “help yourself” mode, try the subject guides.


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