[Library lessons] Films on demand

One of my favorite databases is Films on Demand.  It started as a collection of streaming videos made by the Films for the Humanities and Sciences.  Since its inception, it has grown to include all sorts of other streaming videos.

Have some time to spare?  Go to the database and look at the Special Collections tab at the top.  It includes collections of videos from the following sources:

There are over 5,600 films in the collection, and you can search them, create playlists, and have all sorts of fun with them.  While you’re visiting the site, be sure to go to the “Subjects” menu and look at the “Archival films & Newsreels” subject, which includes archival footage from 1914-1968.  If you want to watch newsreels from 1914 so you can see how World War I was portrayed to civilians, there is footage of that.

It’s an amazing collection, accessible both on and off-campus.  Don’t miss it.


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